Do you have a sales potential at a physician segment which is untapped with your current sales force?


Our complete promotional expertise is ready for your service.  Ass an add-on to your current sales team and promotional efforts, we provide full promotion outsourcing service for any untapped potential in a specific physician segment with a size of 100 to 300 physicians.  



Integrated approach is in every step of our thinking, planing and execution.  We carefully design the strategy and make sure that, every communication is streamlined between Key opinion leader, regulatory bodies, physican and finally patient communication.

Healthcare Products Inc.


Medigo started its operations in 2012 as a pharmaceuticals sourcing company for MENA (Middle East & Africa) importers.  Medigo was also a sole exporter of several Turkish Pharmaceuticals and device manufacturers for Iraq market.  Between 2012-2015, we have supplied 9 clients in 7 countries; Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Egypt, Bosnia and Cyprus.


By 2015, Medigo started its product promotion services for pharmaceutical companies.  We have been working with pharmaceutical & medical device companies on project basis for product promotion to specific physician groups and on physician-patient communication through Point of Sales channels. 


Thanks to Medigo’s partnerships and its sister companies’ expertise from Probiz Group.  Such multidimensional projects are ramped up fast due these strong partnerships.  


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